Become a Podcast Titan

The Ultimate guide for starting, running, and growing your own podcast.

Become a Podcast Titan doesn't just explain what to do, it also walks your through the decision making process at every step, how to execute this advice, and why it matters. Podcast Titan includes sections dedicated to the following: - Why every needs their own podcast - Quick Start Checklist - Podfade, what it is and how to avoid it - Podcast hosting platforms and syndication - Submitting your podcast to Apple, Spotify, Google, and Deezer - Podcast Name, Length, Content, and how often to publish - Podcast Assets including name, art, description, intro/outro - Defining and refining your content - How do conduct an interview - How to build rapport with your guests - What the pros won't tell you about downloads - Rankings and reviews - Production Flow - Show Notes - Equipment brakdown for every budget - Google Rankings - Creating a Podcast Network using Feedzy - Podcast Awards and Conferences - How to Market your Podcast - Tools, Outsourcing, and Automations - How do engage on social media without being scummy - How to create audiograms using Headliner - Templates for contacting celebrities, email pitches, podcast swaps and more!

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